Award Winning Elegant Ultimate Residence

Ming-Hsin Chung Demonstrates The Elegant Ultimate Residence

Ming-Hsin Chung, the thinktank behind the displayed project Residence by Ming-Hsin Chung says, The contemporary aesthetics is the idea for designing the second floor, where the geometric space configuration and circulation is mixed with the warm wood <Cropped>

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Residential Unit:village House At Clear Water Bay Garden by Plot Architecture Office

Plot Architecture Office Demonstrates The Village House At Clear Water Bay Garden Residential Unit

Plot Architecture Office, the project leader of the displayed design Village House at Clear Water Bay Garden - Residential Unit by Plot Architecture Office illustrates, Deep in the suburb of Hong Kong, a 700' ground floor unit of a local villa <Cropped>

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Restaurant :onyasai Festival Walk by Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang

Vincent Chi-Wai Chiang Creates The Onyasai Festival Walk Restaurant

Vincent Chi-wai Chiang, the architect of the displayed project Onyasai Festival Walk - Restaurant by Vincent Chi-wai Chiang says, The design styles of exchanging past and future brings customer to an exciting experience. Design concept “Found in t <Cropped>

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Award Winning Spacious Interior Design

Chia Hung Yu Shares The Spacious Interior Design

Chia Hung Yu, the author of the awarded project Interior Design by Chia Hung Yu explicates, Bring the outdoor scenery into the indoor scenery, thereby making you feel wander in the mountain forest and surrounded by green leaves when you at home.Frenc <Cropped>

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Coca-Cola 125 Years of Design-Exhibition by Pinkeye

Pinkeye Creates The Coca-Cola 125 Years of Design Exhibition

Pinkeye, the creator of the highlighted design Exhibition by Pinkeye spells out, Pinkeye was asked to design this 500 m2 exhibition about the rich history of 125 years of Coca-Cola as a design innovator. We established a strong coherent unity by draw <Cropped>

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Renaissance by Zaria Ishkildina

Zaria Ishkildina Exhibits The Renaissance Armchair

Zaria Ishkildina, the lead designer of the awarded project Renaissance - Armchair by Zaria Ishkildina points out, The shaping basis of the concept was taken by from Ancient Rome. Therefore the armchair Renaissance is the revival of the image Curule C <Cropped>

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Domestic Bathroom Aid by Jan Sebastian Van Ackeren

Jan Sebastian Van Ackeren Shares The Uppie Domestic Bathroom Aid

Jan Sebastian van Ackeren, the maker of the highlighted project Uppie - Domestic Bathroom Aid by Jan Sebastian van Ackeren spells out, Uppie - a space and cost effective stand-up help. It addresses the challenge of ‘western ageing population demo <Cropped>

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Award Winning Easy Domes Dome House

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Easy Domes Dome House

The lead designer of the displayed work Easy Domes - Dome house by Acclaimed Designer explains, The design and structure of Easy Domes is the Icosahedron, here by cut of the vertices and transformed to 21 wooden sections. The design, interior, materi <Cropped>

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Mosque by Azimuth For Architecture & Design

Azimuth For Architecture & Design Illustrates The Salam Mosque

Azimuth For Architecture & Design, the maker of the displayed work Salam - Mosque by Azimuth For Architecture & Design explicates, The proposed design suggests a new prospect of district mosques in Saudi Arabia, where the most important holy <Cropped>

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Family by Arman Nur

Arman Nur Presents The Family Rings

Arman Nur, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Award Winning Family Rings illustrates, The story behind the creation of the rings relates to making present for Arman Nur's twin daughters’ birthday. Being identical twins, the girls have e <Cropped>

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