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Quswa Wholecut

The Quswa wholecut was inspired by the historical battle of Badr, represented by hand carved Arabic Calligxraphitti encryption on high grade Italian leather. Designer Que Shebley states "here are 5 version series of the Quswa wholecut as each design released continues the originating encryption as a whole, the encryption signifies one of the most significant moments of the battle". The design is hand painted in layers with a patina technique. The sole hand made with a beveled waist closed channel with metal toe taps for that extra aristocrat feel. A true master piece and a must see.

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The Sneaker

The shoe named The Sneaker is a shoe both for the reception and the skate ramp, it is raw and elegant at the same time. The color is matte black with details in gold, including a small jewelry attached to the string. When the sole is warned out, it can be replaced so the lifetime of the shoes is almost timeless. Each shoe is individually sewn by skilled craftsmen.

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XpreSole Panto

XpreSole Panto an ecofriendly spent coffee grounds reused and ultra lightweight rainboot. One pair of boots makes from 15 cups of spent coffee grounds, a massive source of greenhouse gases when they are landfilled. With the circular economy in mind. It upcycles spent coffee ground as the major component. The innovative process covers a pair of boots lifecycles closely associated with community engagements from material harvest to reuse. With the innovative coating technology, XpreSole Panto designs as a rain boot based on a balancing act of sustainability and functionality.

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GreenPlax Tess

GreenPlax Tess designs as a reminder for the bottle upcycling process. Every 20 plastic bottles recycle material can make one pair of GreenPlax Tess in every major component. The outsole is particularly made from straight scraps of bottles while imitating its shapes. The color palette and silhouette design also replicate some beverage brands to create a direct visual impact, as a reminder for people of the sustainable issues from plastic bottles throw-away behaviors. It is also water-repellent, dirt-proof, and moisture-wicking. Sustainability is their forwarding mission bear in mind.

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Guang is handmade with cowhide and lambskin. Reflective bindings were stitched on the seams delivering a futuristic feel. Reflective customizable letters on the back functioning as an eye-catching feature also improves visibility in the dark. The back strap widens the length and width of the bootstrap for wearing ease.The distressed Vibram’s outsole gives a brawny aesthetic, superior traction, and greater comfort. The bright neon yellow alongside the pointy-toe narrow silhouette delivers a rebellious yet functional design.

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Adamas is a pair of shoes that represents the attitude of the urban people of the future. It comes in a classic frosted black as a protective color that works in harmony with increasingly developed technology. The one-piece molded sole not only provides reliable abrasion resistance but also supports the sides of the upper. The technological style with clean geometric shapes allows people to easily match any style of clothing. Its rigid shape and flexible upper are meant to remind people of the spirit of breakthrough.

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