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Adamas is a pair of shoes that represents the attitude of the urban people of the future. It comes in a classic frosted black as a protective color that works in harmony with increasingly developed technology. The one-piece molded sole not only provides reliable abrasion resistance but also supports the sides of the upper. The technological style with clean geometric shapes allows people to easily match any style of clothing. Its rigid shape and flexible upper are meant to remind people of the spirit of breakthrough.

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Y3 Neue

The Y-3 Neue breaks with tradition in both form and function. Equipped with advanced Equal gel and artificial ligaments, bring comfort while meeting your athleisure aesthetic needs. Y-3 Neue helps runner interacts with the shoes better than ever. A carbon fiber piece cooperates with the artificial ligament starting from the bottom lateral side, going up across the insteps then separating into two directions. The two pieces work together to hold the runner's heel properly and prevent the abnormal ankle twist during the running.

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While defining an object as footwear; main signal is its footbed. So if you want to design a slipper which is not look like an ordinary slipper; you should hide its footbed. In consideration of this idea "foldable slipper" has been created which offers an unexpected storage and usage experience by rolling. This product is for indoor places. It can be thought as a promotional/marketing product for companies such as; hotels, beauty parlour, fitness/wellness center etc.

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Conspiracy - Sandal shaped jewels-

Gianluca Tamburini's line of "sandal/shaped jewels", called Conspiracy, was founded in 2010. Conspiracy shoes effortlessly combine technology and aesthetics. Heels and soles are made from materials such as lightweight alluminium and titanium, wich are cast in sculptural forms. The silhouette of the shoes are then highlighted by semi/precious stones and other lavish embellishments. High technology and cutting edge materials form a modern sculpture, having the shape of a sandal, but where the touch and experience of skilled Italian craftsmen are still visible.

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Le Maestro

Le Maestro revolutionizes the dress shoe by incorporating a Direct Metal Laser Sintered (DMLS) titanium ‘matrix heel’. The 'matrix heel' reduces the heel section's visual mass and showcases the structural integrity of the dress shoe. To complement the elegant vamp, high-grain leather is used for the upper’s distinct asymmetrical design. The integration of the heel section to the upper is now composed into a sleek and refined silhouette.

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The collection was influenced from ballet and fencing. Not an obvious connection at first sight, but ballet was originated as a dance interpretation of fencing in 15th century. The collection merged the ballet pointes and fencing swards in a series of designs that were interpreted in a range of heel heights in degrees rather than centimeters: from a 0°- flat shoe to a 90°- pointe. The designs are modular and consist form the solid 3D printed toe cups and the removable inner socks.

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