Gabriel Cetrez-Floral Dress Fashion

At Design Interviews

Interview with Gabriel Cetrez : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Gabriel Cetrez : The idea behind this design was to create a collection inspired by nature, multicolor flowers such as orchids and tulp <Cropped>

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Sophia Dias's Transmutation Jumpsuit

Sophia Dias Shares The Transmutation Jumpsuit

Sophia Dias, the designer of the highlighted work Transmutation by Sophia Dias demonstrates, Unrelated to trends in fashion Homs Arthaus has a vision and philosophy of their own. The design is inspired by diversity contrasts and confrontations. Art i <Cropped>

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Industrial Nature-work, Communication by Chengzhe Zhang and Pan Ji

Chengzhe Zhang and Pan Ji Portrays The Industrial Nature Work, Communication

Chengzhe Zhang and Pan Ji, the creative mind behind the displayed design Chengzhe Zhang and Pan Ji's Industrial Nature Work, Communication points out, The rising of creative class shapes new office space and form, which needs more flexibility an <Cropped>

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Hospital Space:darwin by Nic Lee

Nic Lee Illustrates The Darwin Hospital Space

Nic Lee, the designer of the highlighted design Darwin - Hospital space by Nic Lee says, This project is for a cosmetic surgery clinic located in a commercial building in downtown Taipei.Human artistry is to modification of countenance created by God <Cropped>

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Award Winning Urban Renewal of Crecchio Old Town Public Areas

Rocco Valentini Designs The Urban Renewal of Crecchio Old Town Public Areas

Rocco Valentini, the creative mind behind the displayed project Rocco Valentini's Urban Renewal of Crecchio Old Town Public Areas says, The architectural language chosen seeks to create a union between uniqueness of spaces and objects designed a <Cropped>

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Henry Chebaane's Urban Pop Art Concept

Henry Chebaane Portrays The Urban Pop Art Concept

Henry Chebaane, the thinktank behind the awarded project Urban Pop - Art Concept by Henry Chebaane explains, Created under the artist pseudonym H.DD8, Urban pop is a collection of works, solo and collaborative (London Steampunk Mouse Murphy with Ron <Cropped>

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World Cup Sportv´s Studio by Sportv

Sportv Illustrates The World Cup Sportv´s Studio Glass Studio

SPORTV, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Glass studio by SPORTV illustrates, SporTV is Globo’s sports network, the largest in Brazil, and has three channels with 24-hour sports. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Sportv built a semi-sphe <Cropped>

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Smao Paddles-Swim Paddles by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Smao Paddles Swim Paddles

The creator of the awarded design SMAO Paddles - Swim Paddles by Acclaimed Designer says, The most innovative paddles to hit the market, loaded with cutting-edge hydrodynamic features for the elite swimmer! SMAO paddle is the answer to the elite spri <Cropped>

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Necklace:angel Named Mother by Alireza Asadi

Alireza Asadi Demonstrates The Angel Named Mother Necklace

AliReza Asadi, the lead designer of the highlighted work Angel Named Mother - Necklace by AliReza Asadi illustrates, The Necklace Angel Named Mother, inspired by motherly love, is designed on the event of Mother's Day. The aim of such a memora <Cropped>

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Leaf Wallet-Wallet by Alexey Chugunnikov

Alexey Chugunnikov Creates The Leaf Wallet Wallet

Alexey Chugunnikov, the creative mind behind the displayed design Alexey Chugunnikov's Leaf Wallet Wallet illustrates, Two strips of thick tanned leather, two grams of metal and no seams. That is the main constructive principle of this item. The <Cropped>

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