Hip Chair-Office Chair by Sunon Design Team and Alegredesign

Sunon Design Team and Alegredesign Discloses The Hip Chair Office Chair

Sunon Design Team and Alegredesign, the creative mind behind the displayed design Hip Chair - Office chair by Sunon Design Team and Alegredesign illustrates, Hip chair, the hip game.It is designed so that the back of the chair adapts to the movement <Cropped>

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Logo :mr Woo by Dongdao Team

Dongdao Team Reveals The Mr Woo Logo

Dongdao Team, the designer of the award winning project Logo by Dongdao Team demonstrates, Mr Woo has a double meaning: The first intention is a pledge for self-realization, reflected in Zen. Another aspect is a general attitude toward life, as in <Cropped>

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Japanese Cushion:kawarie Zabuton by Misako Niwa

Misako Niwa Shows The Kawarie Zabuton Japanese Cushion

Misako Niwa, the lead designer of the highlighted design Japanese cushion by Misako Niwa explains, I have plenty of time and money to spare and rear children to maintain an abundant life. The increase which can't often take time, and it are doub <Cropped>

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Krupnikas-Packaging by Étiquette

Étiquette Shares The Krupnikas Packaging

Étiquette, the author of the highlighted design Packaging by Étiquette demonstrates, Goal of our packaging for traditional local honey liqueur Krupnik was to make the product stand out and better represent its quality, taste and craftsmanship. Hone <Cropped>

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Concert Hall of Damghan by G.s.a Architectural Design Group

G.s.a Architectural Design Group Discloses The Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

G.S.A Architectural Design group , the creator of the award winning project Echelon by G.S.A Architectural Design group explains, In the Echelon project, the designers have been inspired by the layers of Badab-e-Surat spring in Damghan, Iran which <Cropped>

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Commercial Space:koko Store by Cheng-Chen Chen

Cheng-Chen Chen Shows The Koko Store Commercial Space

Cheng-Chen Chen, the thinktank behind the award winning project Commercial Space:KOKO store by Cheng-Chen Chen points out, We are trying to break the existing impression of bank, extending he levels of the space and the elimination of cold color whic <Cropped>

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Fashion:redefine Femininity by Carrie Wu

Carrie Wu Presents The Redefine Femininity Fashion

Carrie Wu, the creative mind behind the displayed project Redefine Femininity by Carrie Wu spells out, “Redefine Femininity” explores the relationship between the body and the shapes of clothing in order to give a new meaning of sexuality and fem <Cropped>

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Princess X by James Ganh

James Ganh Shows The Princess X Transformable Fine Jewelry

James Ganh, the maker of the displayed work Transformable Fine Jewelry:Princess X by James Ganh explains, 'Princess X' was one of the most challenging Jewellery design, both technically and emotionally. The element 'Cross of fate' <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity:carpos by Panos Tsakiris

Panos Tsakiris Shows The Carpos Corporate Identity

Panos Tsakiris, the thinktank behind the displayed project Carpos by Panos Tsakiris points out, Designing Carpos identity system has been a challenging and intriguing project. The guidelines and restrictions were paramount in order an innovative and <Cropped>

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Japanese Restaurant by Atsushi Kawaguchi

Atsushi Kawaguchi Presents The Syunkato Soba Japanese Restaurant

Atsushi Kawaguchi, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Syunkato Soba by Atsushi Kawaguchi points out, Sophisticated simplicity: High quality materials were used unprocessed as much as possible to maximize the expression of the textures, stre <Cropped>

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