Toronto Seafood Cafeteria-restaurant, Cafeteria by Sun Liming

Sun Liming Illustrates The Toronto Seafood Cafeteria Restaurant, Cafeteria

Sun Liming, the creative mind behind the awarded work restaurant, cafeteria:Toronto Seafood Cafeteria by Sun Liming says, “Market is always changing, the same as the thoughts of operators. A designer needs a business operator’s vision to treat <Cropped>

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Arc Caval-Leather Shoes by Nour Abuzaid

Nour Abuzaid Portrays The Arc Caval Leather Shoes

Nour Abuzaid, the creative mind behind the award winning project Leather Shoes by Nour Abuzaid says, The design combines minimalist abstraction of art and geometry with the prestige of high-end fashion, and the classic of English heels. It further pr <Cropped>

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N1 Series-Knives by Cangshan

Cangshan Reveals The N1 Series Knives

Cangshan, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Knives by Cangshan demonstrates, The N1 Series is a story of balance and precision. A minimal hollow-handle design ensure these knives are well balanced and naturally fit a chef's grip. Each <Cropped>

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Hong Kong Trade Development Council's Supermarket Therapy Organizer Areas

Hong Kong Trade Development Council Demonstrates The Supermarket Therapy Organizer Areas

Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the designer of the highlighted project Award Winning Supermarket Therapy Organizer areas spells out, A low cost solution to uplift the organizer's areas decorative ambiance at the Hong Kong International Pri <Cropped>

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Adaptable Multipurpose Carpet:jigsaw Stardust by Ingrid Kulper Design

Ingrid Kulper Design Creates The Jigsaw Stardust Adaptable Multipurpose Carpet

Ingrid Kulper Design, the designer of the awarded project Ingrid Kulper Design's Jigsaw Stardust Adaptable multipurpose carpet spells out, The rugs are made in rhombs and hexagons, easy to place next to each other with an antislip surface. Perf <Cropped>

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Office by Gad

Gad Creates The Huahe Headquarters Office

gad, the creator of the award winning work gad's Huahe Headquarters Office points out, Located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Huahe Headquarters is a project designed in accordance with the site, which is extremely long in south and north and narrow in <Cropped>

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Mixed Use Building by as Arquitectura

As Arquitectura Demonstrates The as Offices Mixed Use Building

AS Arquitectura, the project leader of the award winning work AS Offices - Mixed Use Building by AS Arquitectura explains, The Project consists of an office building that required 3 retail spaces to rent and an architecture workshop. The 15 x 20m l <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Stool :windmill Stool by Xian Huang

Xian Huang Presents The Windmill Stool Multifunctional Stool

Xian Huang, the creator of the highlighted design Multifunctional Stool :Windmill stool by Xian Huang explicates, The Windmill stool is not only a three legged stool, but also is a functional decoration in a living space. The stool is unique with geo <Cropped>

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Nikola Mirotic by Nikola Vucicevic

Nikola Vucicevic Demonstrates The Nikola Mirotic Personal Branding

Nikola Vucicevic, the maker of the award winning project Nikola Mirotic by Nikola Vucicevic spells out, How to turn a short pro-athlete career into a lifelong one? Following an unfortunate event with a teammate from Bulls where he was playing, Nikola <Cropped>

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Award Winning Orion Outdoor Lighting

Limay Turkkan & Anil Tontus Illustrates The Orion Outdoor Lighting

Limay Turkkan & Anil Tontus, the maker of the award winning project Award Winning Orion Outdoor Lighting illustrates, Orion is top-mounted LED luminaire for outdoor usage in areas like parks, gardens and etc. The design of the product is based on <Cropped>

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