The Fourth Long Quan%u201clong Yun Cup%u201dinternational Bamboo and Wood Products Innovation Competition

Using Raw Bamboo, Thin Bamboo, Bamboo Glued Wood, Bamboo Fiber and All Kinds of Wood, or Bamboo/Wood as The Main Combination of Other Materials For Product Innovation Design.the Type of Products Including Household Life, Office and Leisure, Health and E

Using raw bamboo, thin bamboo, bamboo glued wood, bamboo fiber and all kinds of wood, or bamboo / wood as the main combination of other materials for product innovation design.the type of products including household life, office and leisure, health <Cropped>

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Award Winning Saddle Seat Chair

Masahiko Ito Shows The Saddle Seat Chair

Masahiko Ito, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Chair by Masahiko Ito spells out, Saddle Seat is a new archetype chair that provides good posture and high concentration of users’ work and study with playful aspect. While normal chairs <Cropped>

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Living With Trees-Interior Design by Hsin-Hung Wu

Hsin-Hung Wu Demonstrates The Living With Trees Interior Design

Hsin-Hung Wu, the project leader of the highlighted design Hsin-Hung Wu's Living with Trees Interior Design explicates, Designed based on the idea of “trees,” the residential sales center exhibits the concept living with trees. The comfortin <Cropped>

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Resort Hotel by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Tsingpu Baisha Retreat Resort Hotel

The author of the awarded project Tsingpu Baisha Retreat by Acclaimed Designer says, Baisha is an idyllic rural village with Naxi traditional houses. The wall of old houses is made by local Wuhua-stones, and we can see Snow Mountain nearby. We set th <Cropped>

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Award Winning Black Hair Salon Commercial Salon

Gary Ong Reveals The Black Hair Salon Commercial Salon

Gary Ong, the project leader of the highlighted work Commercial Salon by Gary Ong explains, Black Hair Salon was locate in the central area of Singapore. The design for the salon was kept simple using geometric shapes, prints and patterns. The salon <Cropped>

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Private Apartment Building by Ir Frank La Rivière

Ir Frank La Rivière Reveals The Loop by Loop Private Apartment Building

ir Frank la Rivière, the lead designer of the awarded project Private Apartment Building:Loop by Loop by ir Frank la Rivière points out, An abandoned concrete building shell, acquired with the intention to create a large apartment for private habit <Cropped>

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Kisarazu-Photo Landscape by Kousaku Hirano

Kousaku Hirano Portrays The Kisarazu Photo Landscape

Kousaku Hirano, the author of the highlighted design photo Landscape by Kousaku Hirano points out, Kousaku says in the beginning, the air was so tense that it was almost like a battlefield. Eventually, that battlefield changed to everyday life, and h <Cropped>

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Yicca 2019-International Contest of Contemporary Art

The Competition’s Aim Is to Promote The Enrolled Artists, Giving Them Chance to Join The International Market of Contemporary Art. 4000€ in Prizes + Exhibition in Milan (italy)!internationality and Networking Make Yicca a Huge Opportunity For The A

The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art. 4000€ in prizes + exhibition in milan (italy)!Internationality and networking make yicca a huge opportunity for <Cropped>

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Serel Design Team's Serel Poseidon Easywash Toilet Bowl

Serel Design Team Demonstrates The Serel Poseidon Easywash Toilet Bowl

Serel Design Team, the architect of the displayed project Serel Design Team's Serel Poseidon EasyWash Toilet Bowl demonstrates, By completely dominating cleaning water, Serel produced a solution that washes interior surface of toilet bowl and al <Cropped>

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Office by Dong Zefeng

Dong Zefeng Illustrates The Purification Office

Dong Zefeng, the architect of the awarded project Office:Purification by Dong Zefeng spells out, Purification is an office design project, the main wall is a furniture factory waste wood recycling, advocating the concept of green environmental protec <Cropped>

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