Award Winning Natural Healing Workshop Office

Pei-Ying Lee Spotlights The Natural Healing Workshop Office

Pei-Ying Lee, the creative mind behind the displayed project Office by Pei-Ying Lee demonstrates, Different from most of the offices with cold and plain stereotype, this office, is enclosed by ubiquitous greenery plants on the courtyard, where the de <Cropped>

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Sanya Huahao Yalong Place-sales Centre by Guangzhou Basic Design Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Basic Design Co., Ltd Spotlights The Sanya Huahao Yalong Place Sales Centre

Guangzhou Basic Design Co., Ltd, the lead designer of the highlighted project Award Winning Sanya Huahao Yalong Place Sales Centre demonstrates, The design aims to revitalize the Chinese architectural culture and the traditional aesthetic values by a <Cropped>

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Exhibition Design:existing White by Robin Wang

Robin Wang Shows The Existing White Exhibition Design

Robin Wang, the designer of the displayed project Exhibition Design:Existing White by Robin Wang demonstrates, The designer tried to emphasize the aesthetic of architect structure. The space designed with modern concise to spare more possibility for <Cropped>

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Coffee Table by Hyeonil Jeong

Hyeonil Jeong Discloses The Cork Stopper Table Coffee Table

Hyeonil Jeong, the project leader of the awarded project Award Winning Cork Stopper Table Coffee Table illustrates, The Cork Stopper Table is a DIY coffee table which is both beautiful and functional; demonstrating that you don’t need to sacrifice <Cropped>

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Fokus Desk-Home Office Desk by Muhamad Zulkifie

Muhamad Zulkifie Designs The Fokus Desk Home Office Desk

Muhamad Zulkifie, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Fokus Desk - Home Office Desk by Muhamad Zulkifie explains, The Fokus desk engages the home office user to be focused in their work by having proper cable management, organizational, storage <Cropped>

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Wine Label by Mario Di Paolo

Mario Di Paolo Creates The Nero Di Sei/Bianco Di Sei Wine Label

Mario Di Paolo, the thinktank behind the awarded project Nero di Sei / Bianco di Sei - wine label by Mario Di Paolo spells out, After an intense period of research, we produced a wine-bottle label printed with an extract of volcanic dust from Mount <Cropped>

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Dngroup-Db60 Active Loudspeaker

At Design Interviews

Interview with DNgroup : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. DNgroup : Part of the inspiration came from the MUJI wall mounted CD player - One of the designers at our design office has one of those a <Cropped>

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The Theodore-Website by Enrico Pieri

Enrico Pieri Presents The The Theodore Website

Enrico Pieri, the architect of the displayed project Website:The Theodore by Enrico Pieri explicates, The website was created as the home for the online presence of The Theodore Boutique Hotel. Taking inspiration from classical Greek ethos and myth <Cropped>

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Koc Yasam by Ismail Murat Saltipinar

Ismail Murat Saltipinar Designs The Koc Yasam Dormitory

Ismail Murat Saltipinar, the thinktank behind the award winning design Dormitory :Koc Yasam by Ismail Murat Saltipinar explains, Many services designed, managed and created to enhance the quality of life and productivity of the students. In this desi <Cropped>

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Pixio-Packing by Ivan Khalus and Oleh Berezovskyi

Ivan Khalus and Oleh Berezovskyi Reveals The Pixio Packing

Ivan Khalus and Oleh Berezovskyi, the thinktank behind the displayed project Award Winning PIXIO Packing explicates, PIXIO packaging concept visually communicates the product’s key feature - the versatility of a cube in pixel art style. Box transmi <Cropped>

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