Wristwatch by Stadtholz

Stadtholz Shows The Wood Watch Bern Wristwatch

STADTHOLZ, the creative mind behind the award winning design STADTHOLZ's Wood Watch BERN Wristwatch spells out, Every piece is unique and handmade, equipped with a swiss movement and sapphire glass for protection and perfectness. It is built up <Cropped>

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Dontdiy's Office Y01 Office

Dontdiy Exhibits The Office Y01 Office

dontDIY, the lead designer of the highlighted project Office Y01 - Office by dontDIY points out, The Y01 office space is a an office for a small but forward thinking Bulgarian real estate agency and is located at street level in the historical center <Cropped>

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Sanitaryware Showroom by Tiku + Design

Tiku + Design Presents The Onece Time Stage Sanitaryware Showroom

Tiku + Design, the creative mind behind the award winning design Onece Time Stage by Tiku + Design points out, To differentiate from ordinary exhibition space, we define this space as “A background that can accentuate the beauty of commodity”. By <Cropped>

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Office Chair For Multi-Taskers by Julien Egger

Julien Egger Designs The Aventi Office Chair For Multi-Taskers

Julien Egger, the creative mind behind the awarded work Office chair for multi-taskers:Aventi by Julien Egger explicates, A unique chair with timeless aesthetics designed to be suitable in multiple office settings: sitting forward at a computer desk, <Cropped>

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Private Collection-Brooch by Petra Boehler

Petra Boehler Spotlights The Private Collection Brooch

Petra Boehler, the project leader of the awarded project Private Collection - Brooch by Petra Boehler spells out, A fundamental source of inspiration for this brooch has been the revalidation of worthless material. The confrontation of rusted iron wi <Cropped>

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Mikhail Belyaev's Master Knife Knife, Spatula

Mikhail Belyaev Portrays The Master Knife Knife, Spatula

Mikhail Belyaev, the creator of the award winning design Mikhail Belyaev's Master Knife Knife, spatula demonstrates, Multifunctional item: a chef knife and a handy spatula.

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Zlatina Petrova's Builtforimpact Website

Zlatina Petrova Shares The Builtforimpact Website

Zlatina Petrova, the creator of the highlighted work BuiltForImpact by Zlatina Petrova demonstrates, The BuiltForImpact system is a design methodology designed to help cause-driven companies stand out, sell better, and make more impact. It is designe <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Slider Folding Bike Bicycle

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Slider Folding Bike Bicycle

The maker of the award winning work Bicycle by Acclaimed Designer spells out, The concept is the use of better structure and change handle place to reduce the hardness of riding on and the high weight of the folding. This is a solution that Citybike <Cropped>

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Residential Home by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Iwan Residence Residential Home

The designer of the highlighted work Residential Home:Iwan Residence by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, This project is a luxury up-market residence owned by a client with immense fondness for cutting-edge contemporary designs yet deep affection for <Cropped>

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Hootan Hamedani's Bosscat Bar & Restaurant

Hootan Hamedani Presents The Bosscat Bar & Restaurant

Hootan Hamedani, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Hootan Hamedani's Bosscat Bar & Restaurant illustrates, Being located in the heart of a busy city, Bosscat intended to invite people to a unique grange scene. It envisioned to <Cropped>

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