Curt Deck Chair by Bernhard

Bernhard | Burkard Designs The Curt Deck Chair Lean On Chair

BERNHARD | BURKARD , the creator of the award winning project BURKARD 's Curt deck chair Lean on chair points out, This deck chair is attractive in its simplicity. In combination with the environment it serve its purpose as a deck chair. To ach <Cropped>

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Armchair by Tiago Curioni

Tiago Curioni Presents The Savana Armchair

Tiago Curioni, the thinktank behind the awarded work Armchair by Tiago Curioni says, The Savana armchair, made entirely by hand and only with wicker branches, was performed at a small workshop in Sao Paulo. A complex work that questions the high indu <Cropped>

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Artists Studio Residence by Gaurav Bhangre and Aishwarya Bhangre

Gaurav Bhangre and Aishwarya Bhangre Designs The Iskilar Artists Studio Residence

Gaurav Bhangre and Aishwarya Bhangre, the author of the displayed work Gaurav Bhangre and Aishwarya Bhangre's Iskilar Artists studio residence spells out, Designed for a terracotta artist, project combines artists den and residence ensuring sanc <Cropped>

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Fine Art Object by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Memory Fine Art Object

The architect of the displayed project Fine Art Object:Memory by Acclaimed Designer spells out, “Memory” is primarily a reconstruction of a magazine page, made by weaving together the unevenly shredded page and its copies. Its repetitive, mutatio <Cropped>

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Life in Genial Light by Shun-Yuan Chang

Shun-Yuan Chang Demonstrates The Life in Genial Light Residential House

Shun-Yuan Chang, the designer of the award winning work Life in Genial Light - Residential House by Shun-Yuan Chang explicates, Designing exclusively for a small family, the designer crafty in manipulating architectural conditions and decoration mate <Cropped>

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Lampo Leong, Yanjinzi Gao and Xianxin Ye's Metamorphosis Iii Video Animation and Dance

Lampo Leong, Yanjinzi Gao and Xianxin Ye Reveals The Metamorphosis Iii Video Animation and Dance

Lampo Leong, Yanjinzi Gao and Xianxin Ye, the designer of the highlighted project Metamorphosis III - Video Animation and Dance by Lampo Leong, Yanjinzi Gao and Xianxin Ye explicates, Through incorporating animated imagery from contemporary ink paint <Cropped>

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Villa by Wen Su & Zhongyong Wu

Wen Su & Zhongyong Wu Creates The Tranquil Dwelling Villa

Wen Su & Zhongyong Wu, the author of the awarded project Wen Su & Zhongyong Wu's Tranquil Dwelling Villa explicates, The design uses design techniques of formal balance as the aixs to convey the oriental artistic conception . It adopts e <Cropped>

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Chesset-Chess Set by Duval Patterson

Duval Patterson Creates The Chesset Chess Set

Duval Patterson, the creator of the awarded work Duval Patterson's Chesset Chess set says, This chess set, created in modern style, is comprised of manufactured birch hardwood dowels and squares that have been milled, drilled, sanded and painted <Cropped>

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Hay%uff01youngbirds%uff01talent Award Asia 2020

Hay!youngbirds!talent Award Asia 2020 Officially Launched! Come and Win Big Cash Prizes and a Trip to Denmark!hay! Youngbirds!is An International Competition Ip and a Design Stage Created Jointly by Danish Contemporary Design Brand Hay, Which Endors

Hay!youngbirds!talent award asia 2020 officially launched! come and win big cash prizes and a trip to denmark!Hay! youngbirds!is an international competition ip and a design stage created jointly by danish contemporary design brand hay, which e <Cropped>

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Mixed Use Development by Aedas

Aedas Portrays The Double-Crane Lake Mixed Use Development

Aedas, the lead designer of the highlighted design Double-Crane Lake by Aedas illustrates, The project is located in the International Garden Expo of Zhengzhou Airport District. As local landmark and the most important development, the design fully c <Cropped>

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