Outdoor Chair by Robby Cantarutti and Partners

Robby Cantarutti and Partners Illustrates The Filoferru Outdoor Chair

Robby Cantarutti and Partners, the project leader of the displayed design Filoferru by Robby Cantarutti and Partners points out, The chair as a whole collection (longe, stool and lamp) stems from the need to develop a very simple form which is cons <Cropped>

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Home Interior Design by Lin Yu Wei

Lin Yu Wei Creates The Pure Essence Home Interior Design

Lin Yu Wei, the maker of the highlighted design Award Winning Pure Essence Home Interior Design demonstrates, How to utilize space in an irregular pentagon? The designer's decision was to adapt their designs to the given shape and, through caref <Cropped>

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Matthias Schneck-O3ject Awareness and Advertising Campaign

At Design Interviews

Interview with Matthias Schneck : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Matthias Schneck : It’s all about giving a tap-proof space an aesthetic and desirable appearance. .Frank Scott: What has been your <Cropped>

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Logo Design Award

A' International Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Is Open For Your Logo Design Submissions. Deadline For Entries to a' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Awards Is On February 28, 2019. Results of The a' Grap

Creating beautiful logos that convey a brand's message as intended is a key point in constructing a brand identity. A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award will help you carry your design further as A' Graphics and Visual Com <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Barramundi Bbq Bbq Designed For Wood Fires

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Barramundi Bbq Bbq Designed For Wood Fires

The designer of the highlighted work BBQ designed for wood fires by Acclaimed Designer explains, Extremely compact fully dismantlable design for smallest stored footprint and mobility. Shown here with a firebowl and base, the Barramundi BBQ design is <Cropped>

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Comfort Zone-Bench by Hakan Gursu

Hakan Gursu Presents The Comfort Zone Bench

Hakan Gursu, the architect of the award winning project Bench by Hakan Gursu illustrates, Comfort Zone is a bench designed for interior spaces and waiting lounges for utmost comfort. The design combines contemporary materials in a way that supports r <Cropped>

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Residential Show Flat by Fusion Design Ltd

Fusion Design Ltd Demonstrates The Aria Golden Diamond Triplex Residential Show Flat

Fusion Design Ltd, the lead designer of the displayed design Residential Show Flat by Fusion Design Ltd spells out, Aria Golden Diamond Triplex is a 4,700 ft2 residential triplex that exceeds all expectations. Perched on top of the prestigious Kowl <Cropped>

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Backslash-Communication by Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen

Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen Exhibits The Backslash Communication

Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen, the designer of the award winning work Backslash by Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen illustrates, Technology has been playing an important role in this new wave of protests, from Arab Spring to Occupy Central. Backslas <Cropped>

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Poster Series by Manuel Guerrero Salinas

Manuel Guerrero Salinas Demonstrates The Typographic Posters Poster Series

Manuel Guerrero Salinas, the project leader of the displayed design Poster series by Manuel Guerrero Salinas illustrates, Typographic posters is a collection of posters made during 2013 and 2015. This project involves the experimental use of typogr <Cropped>

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Fahad Alhumaidi's Grenada Apartment

Fahad Alhumaidi Illustrates The Grenada Apartment

Fahad Alhumaidi, the architect of the highlighted design Grenada apartment - - by Fahad Alhumaidi explains, Taking inspiration from our clients a young newlywed couple, We came up with a bold yet simple design. This apartment displaying a minimalist <Cropped>

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